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Otto Friedrich Bollnow first began his career as doctor of physics in 1925 but soon turned his interest toward philosophy and pedagogy. Professor Bollnow is the author of 38 books and over 400 articles and reviews in the area of education and philosophy. He has been an influential figure of the Geisteswissenschftliche (human science) movement in education in Germany. His pedagogical anthropology reflects intensive studeis of Dilthey, Misch, Husserl, Lipps, and Heidegger. Recent translated works are contained in Otto Fredrich Bollnow, Crisis and New Beginning: Contributions to a Pedagogical Anthropology (translated by Donald and Nancy Moss), Duquesne University Press (1987) and a complete bibiography up to 1983 is included in O.F. Bollnow im Gesprach, (Herausgegeben von H.-P. Gobbeler and H.-U. Lessing) Freiburg: Karl Alber Verlag (1963).