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Derrida, Jacques (1930-). Algerian born French philosopher of deconstruction, Derrida founded the International College of Philosophy in Paris and the International Group for Research into the Teaching of Philosophy in 1975. He is currently attached to the Etudes des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris. Author of Speech and Phenomena (1973), Of Grammatology (1977), Writing and Difference (1978), Positions (1981), Spurs (1981), Dissemination (1983), Margins of Philosophy (1983), Signeponge-signsponge (1984), The Archaeology of the Frivolous (1987), The Ear of the Other (1988), Of Spirit (1987) The Other Heading (1991) and Spectres of Marx (1994) Post-structuralists and postmodernists .