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Julia Kristeva’s name is widely recognised in Europe and America. In France, where Kristeva is a practising psychoanalyst and a professor in linguistics, she is regarded as an outstanding critic who has popular appeal as well, and her latest book which is an extensive study of Proust, has been highly praised by Le Monde. Julia Kristeva arrived in Paris from Bulgaria in 1964 and has made France her home ever since, apart from regular lecture commitments to New York’s Columbia University. Beginning as a linguist and working alongside French semiotician Roland Barthes, Kristeva assimilated the work of Freud and Lacan, and became an analyst as well as an academic. Her published work is a daunting list of texts ranging from semiotics, literary criticism, psychoanalysis, philosophy, politics, theology, through to two semi-autobiographical novels. In recognition of her contribution to French intellectual culture, in 1990 she was honoured by the French government and made a “chevalier de l’ordre des arts et des lettres.”